Plastic Surgery - A Quick Overview

Plastic surgery compose of 2 branches which is reconstructive plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. The main goal of cosmetic surgery is improving the physical appearance of an individual. Plastic surgery can do this or simply reconstruction or otherwise known as reconstructive surgery. Reconstructive plastic surgery on the other hand is carried to improve function. It might entail improving the appearance, though this isn't its main purpose. Reconstructive plastic surgery is known as reconstructive surgery. Check out breast augmentation Newport Beach procedures to get started.

In some other places across the globe, cosmetic surgery is different from plastic surgery. The word cosmetic surgery is also referred as non essential surgery, surgery that a patient decides on and elective surgery while plastic surgery is a surgery meant in improving overall appearance that's caused by an injury or illness.

Based on experts, cosmetic surgery isn't ideal for everyone. There are several things that happen to a person's life that is influencing his or her decision to undergo a surgery. In some other cases, surgeons from North America and Europe might postpone the procedure until their patient has undergone psychological counseling. A lot of cosmetic surgeries are giving permanent results so it's important for patients to be sure before finalizing their decision.

Here are 3 surgical procedures performed often:

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty - the goal of this procedure is firming and reshaping the abdomen. Excess fats and skins is taken from the lower and middle abdomen to be able to tighten the muscle and fascia of abdominal wall. The people who decides to undergo tummy tuck are the ones who have sagging skin and lost lots of weight as well as women who gave birth. There are cases that they have sagging skin due to genetic reasons. Tummy tuck can improve the appearance of stretch marks especially those below the navel.

Nose job or rhinoplasty - for this procedure, the best plastic surgeon Orange County is reshaping the nose of patient. This is done by a surgeon for the neck and head and specialist on ear/nose or simply as otolaryngologist, plastic surgeon or maxillofacial surgeon. This procedure is aiming to improve the appearance of nose and its function if the patient has difficulties in breathing.

Facelift or rhytidectomy - this is a kind of procedure intended to remove wrinkles by way of surgery. The goal of this is to improve the face of the patient by making him or her look younger. The surgeon is removing excess facial skin with no need of tightening the underlying issues.